We are Top Rink Bowls

Dan Steadman and Perry Martin started discussing the possibility of a bowls shop at the Dolphin Indoor Bowling Club in Poole, Dorset in November 2021 at a chance meeting in a local pub.

Within a few days a business plan had been developed and with the support of the board and management at the Dolphin Club, Top Rink Bowls was born!

Dan is a very average third generation bowler from Dorset who started bowling in 1985 at the age of 8. At the age of 17, with other interests to pursue, bowls was cast aside until 2016 when he was drawn back to the game by friends and has been playing ever since.

Perry on the other hand is slightly better than average. In fact he is a current England International player with over 20 caps. He has also won the National Singles, World U25 Singles, National U25 Singles, National 4s and National Champion of Champions.

Perry clearly knows his stuff and having also worked for Henselite for a number of years prior to becoming a partner in Top Rink, his experience and knowledge within the bowls sector is unrivalled.

Dan and Perry look forward to welcoming you to Top Rink and helping you with all of your bowling needs.